• Commitment to deliver the best possible objective solution to our clients

  • Scala’s management believes that aligning interests, expectations and views will lead to better investment decisions

  • We put significant effort and resources into identifying unique alternative investment opportunities

About Us

Scala Capital, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor Office focusing on providing portfolio management services to families and family owned institutions. Scala offers objective advice intended to optimize our client experience by addressing today’s pressing needs:

With an Investment Team that brings over six decades of experience in wealth management and financial markets, we endeavor to deliver a personalized service under an open architecture to provide the best investment alternatives for our clients. We also complement our services with a network of professionals in accounting, legal, insurance, estate and gift planning.

Today, Scala has a strong client base in the US, Latin America and Europe.

Scala Capital, LLC was founded in 2010 and our offices are located in Miami, Florida.

In January 2018, the firm changed its name from Smartinvest Capital to Scala Capital as we focus more on delivering a more comprehensive family office experience.

Our services

With an increasingly competitive investment environment, our Investment Team and network may be your solution.

Careful Planning

Scala’s management team believes that aligning client interests, expectations and views will lead to better investment decisions. Before entering into a long-standing relationship with our clients, we make sure we understand the client’s needs and set the right expectations in order to better execute the client’s guiding investment policy.

Portfolio Allocations

Scala employs a top-down investment approach guided by our client’s individual investment policy. Active management is necessary to ensure that asset allocation remains on target. Our top-down idea generation drives the investment process while our bottoms-up process filters out investments and our detailed portfolio construction attempts to mitigate market risk.

Custody & Control

When it comes to transparency, custody and control, clients have direct, 24/7 access to their accounts and receive reports directly from the custodians. Scala has access to superior investment platforms through its relationships with top tier custodians. We also welcome clients to use the custodian or bank of their preference.

Consolidated Reporting

Through innovative technology, Scala has resources to consolidate account statements in one place in order to help clients analyze their investments and performance.


The Investment team at Scala strives for direct and constant communication with the family, helping current and upcoming generations stay up-to-date, while understanding and operating through the wealth management process. Developing one vision for all members by assuring that investment objectives, risk tolerance and expectations are fully aligned with the portfolio is key.

Family Planning

Our interdisciplinary relationships with accountants, lawyers, and other financial service professionals provide a platform where our clients receive additional family office services with exceptional prudence and care to complement their investment objectives.

We aim for optimal allocations and diversification that best represent the client's investment objectives.

Our team

Our team is committed to best in class service.

David Guenoun

David Guenoun

Managing Partner

As a Managing Partner of the firm, David is a Portfolio Manager and provides strategic direction and leadership to all aspects of Scala.

Alberto Siblesz

Alberto Siblesz

Managing Partner

As a Managing Partner of the firm, Alberto is a Portfolio Manager and oversees the firm’s portfolio management, compliance regulations, trading activity, and asset allocation strategies.

Stefano Tome

Stefano Tome


As Partner at Scala, Stefano is responsible for coordinating international business development efforts and is an active Board member.

Mark Fitzpatrick

Mark Fitzpatrick

Managing Director

As a Managing Director of Scala, Mark is leading the efforts with asset allocation in the alternative investment industry.

Greg Poapst

Greg Poapst

Research Analyst

As Research Analyst and Financial Economist, Greg conducts research on various markets (both private and public) and consolidates the data into usable investment ideas.


Eli Cohen

Operations Associate

As an Operations Associate of the firm, Eli oversees operation procedures and coordination between clients, partners and third party service providers.


Angela Sander

Operations Manager

As Operations Manager of the firm, Angela manages the relationships between our custodial banks, clients and the Scala team.

Our Investment Philosophy

The investment process is continuous and dynamic. Scala understands that just as investment opportunities evolve, so do our clients needs' and financial situation. Our process allows us to constantly adjust our suggestions to address our clients’ changing requirements.

Why to choose us

Our Investment Philosophy is dictated by the commitment to deliver the best possible unbiased solution to the client. The Investment Team strives for direct and constant communication with the client to ensure that the investment objectives, risk tolerance and expectations are fully aligned with the portfolio at all times. This practice allows us to effectively have an investment process based on constant monitoring, active risk management, and a dynamic portfolio with strong stable positions.

The Investment strategies are designed for the client's specific goals using a combined approach: “Top-down Idea Generation” consisting of analyzing macroeconomic views within certain investment themes, and “Bottom-up Due Diligence Process” defined as the selection of securities that are most suitable and that best represent the client portfolio.

The selection of investable securities is reinforced by a disciplinary approach of fundamental research and technical analysis. We seek diversification and optimal allocation in the portfolio through the use of advanced optimization tools in an effort to minimize correlation within the selected universe of investable securities. The usage and leverage of these optimization tools are always bound by risk metrics and opinions of the Investment Team.

The expression "Process Driven" is defined by having the ability to independently perform a kind of work, by strictly and persistently following an associated process. This ability requires discipline. Scala, as a process-driven organization, is characterized by meticulousness, in order to achieve our strategic business objectives and therefore provide our clients with premium service and results.

Our Team’s experience has allowed us to develop a process that is intended to facilitate and improve the desired results and experience for our clients.

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999 Brickell Ave, Suite 1006
Miami, FL 33131

Phone: 305 539 3850